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On The Street

Kannai Yokohama
05 Mar.2024
Kannai Yokohama
05 Mar.2024

Honcho Yokohma
January 27, 2024

Nihon-Odori , Yokohma
January 25, 2024
Lunch break
Takashima-cho , Yokohma
January 24, 2024
after rain
Motomachi-street , Yokohma
January 22, 2024
Rain in winter
Isezaki-street , Yokohma
January 20, 2024
Rain in winter
Isezaki-street , Yokohma
January 20, 2024
Good Morning
street shot yokohama
January 12, 2024
Reflective light
Jan. 4, 2024
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/80 / F13 / ISO 100
One Year Thoughts
People head into a new year with the many thoughts and feelings of the past year on their shoulders. May the coming year be a good one.
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/400 / F8 / ISO 100
December 31, 2023
end of the year
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 / 1/80 / F18 / ISO 640December 2023
end of the year
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 / 1/100 / F18 / ISO 640December 2023
New Grand Hotel Yokohama
2023 is just one week away.
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/500 / F5.6 / ISO 1600
Handmade Christmas cakes.
104th anniversary of the company’s founding. Long-established main store with a full line of ingredients and equipment for baking bread and pastries. During the Christmas season, many people visit to make homemade cakes. This is my favorite store.
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/50 / F5.6 / ISO 100December 2023
Late autumn – street along Yamashita Park.
I have walked this sidewalk hundreds of times. With various thoughts and feelings. I am capturing this same place through my viewfinder. Each life is engraved on the street.
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/25 / F8 / ISO 1600
December 2023
0.2 seconds, the shutter was released too soon!
Coastal street where rain is likely to fall.
With the arrival of cold weather, winter has finally arrived at the Port of Yokohama.
18 December 2023
Sentimental shot – New Grand Hotel Yokohama
Too many memorie……
December 2023 – Christmas is just a week away.
stadium – Yokohama
Nov. 29, 2023
mobile phone
Yokohama Yusen Building
Building was finished back in 1936.
It has 16 entasis on its front and a grand Corinthian colonnade with acanthus carvings decorating its top. The building is made of tidy and lovely masonry.
Here, too, the original is undergoing a transformation.
It will be reborn as a hotel in 2027 as part of the redevelopment of the Kaigan-dori area of Naka-ku.
For more than half a century, since I was a teenager, I have come and gone countless times with this colonnade by my side.
Are historical buildings, like old soldiers, destined to change or disappear?
Nov. 14 2023 06:00am
📷LUMIX-S1,LUMIX S PRO 50mm / 1/15 / F8 / ISO 100
Sompo Japan Yokohama Bashamichi Bldg.
Nov. 12, 2023

one’s way back
I had the flu for a week and tried to recover by myself. started filming again.

Gas light by Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of History
Built in 1904 as the head office of Yokohama Seikin Bank. It was influenced by the German neo-baroque style.
When photographing the scene, I took great pains not to blur the rostrum of the gas light on the street, which is the main feature of the scene.


Sompo Japan Yokohama Bashamichi Bldg.
The Base – Nihon-Odori Ave
In March 2017, it was reborn as the base of the Yokohama Sports Town concept.

 港の周辺にはガス灯が多い。夜の横浜の隠れた脇役だ。ガス灯から白熱灯、水銀灯からさらにLEDへと夜の横浜は情緒を捨て去ってきた。だが、夜の街を丹念に歩くとそこかしこにガス灯の優しくも儚げな光に出会える。儚い光を求めて私は歩いている。Oct. 2023 Yokohama NYK Line Bldg.
 There are many gas lights around the port. They play a hidden supporting role in Yokohama at night. From gas lamps to incandescent lamps, from mercury lamps to LEDs, Yokohama at night has lost its emotional appeal. However, if you walk carefully through the city at night, you can see the gentle and fleeting light of gas lamps everywhere. I walk in search of this fleeting light.


The sound of high heels passing by at a brisk pace
Like a clock ticking faster
As if escaping from something
I wonder if they are hurrying home
Sotsu Yokohama Building [former Honcho Asahi Building]
A typical office building of the early Showa period, with tiles applied to the concrete surface, the terra-cotta tiles, which show the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, enrich the overall expression of the building.
When I am tired from walking for a photo shoot, the coffee shop on the first floor is my oasis.
Oct. 2023 Yokohama
People leaving work and hurrying home.
Port Opening Memorial Hall (Queen) side entrance.Yokohama
Oct. 2023 Yokohama
Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media Bashamichi School Building, formerly the Fuji Bank, is a certified historical building located in Yokohama City.
The building’s history dates back to the 1920s when it was constructed in the Neo-Renaissance style. The facility now serves as a space for creative education and cultural exchange, with emphasis on film and new media.
The building’s architecture, stained glass windows, and decorative features provide a charming backdrop to the artistic expression within.
Yokohama in the night fog
At night, when the temperature drops, the city of Yokohama (especially around the port) is shrouded in fog.
Night fog at this time of year is a sign that autumn is approaching.
Nihonodori Nakaku Yokohama
Sakuradori MM21 Yokohama
Namikidori Ginza Tokyo
Otamachi Yokohama
Motomachi Yokohama
Ginza Tokyo
Gas light in daytime. Yamashita-cho, Yokohama
Yusen-building, Kaigandori Yokohama
Hotel New Grand.Yokohama
二人の貴婦人 ニューヨークにて
at N.Y.C.
at N.Y.C.
at Dominican Republic
at Dominican Republic
修学旅行生 中華街