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Corner of the city!

Drama can be found in the corners of the city, away from the centre.
My eccentric nature drives me to explore the hidden gems of the city, such as the gaps between buildings or isolated corners that are often overlooked.
Drama can be found in the corners of the city, away from the centre.
I prefer to avoid the typical tourist attractions and instead seek out unique and unconventional locations.
The activities of people in these places are fascinating and offer a glimpse into the lesser-known aspects of city life.
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On The Street

Multiple exposures

Layers of the gaze


It allows up to four exposures
Multiple exposures (generally double exposures) rarely seem to be used for street shots. It is usually tried in landscape and portrait photography.
My previous CANON 5D did not have multiple exposure functionality.
This was two years ago. I received several positive comments from Instagram followers. All comments were from France.
However, the Lumix, which I currently use as my main camera, has a multiple exposure function. It allows for up to quadruple exposures.
I have decided to research and enjoy multiple exposures again.
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Long exposures


Is what you see the truth?


The world we live in may or may not be real. 
The world we live in may or may not be real. We can't prove its reality, so we should accept that our perception of reality is only a subjective interpretation.
Even though it might feel better to believe in a concrete, objective reality, we ought to embrace the uncertainty around our perception of the world. Ultimately, the true nature of reality will continue to be an enigma. Our personal opinions will always affect how we understand the world, and we need to acknowledge that unforeseeable circumstances are a natural part of our being.
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Silence lurks everywhere.
I just don't usually notice it, surrounded by the noise of everyday life.
I don't want to rely on sight alone to click the shutter.
As we get older, sight is just unreliable and troublesome.
I approach the subject with my animal sense of smell and release the shutter.
The momentary silence is lovely to me.

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