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Lo que será, será

No temo a la vejez.
No lamento mi soledad.
Me acompaña mi cámara, mi mejor amiga.
Jan. 2024

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Anyway, move the camera!

ICM for me
Photography used to be all about fixing the camera, seeking focus, and releasingthe shutter - that was the rule.
But with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement),
I can break free from conventional wisdom!
By moving the camera quickly, we can capture the afterimage of light with stunning results.
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ICM 2024

Black and white, that's all!

about Binary
Binary is the foundation of the computer world, consisting of only '0' and '1'.
In image data, it is expressed as 2 bits.
However, when it comes to gray and color information, 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit are common.
In a monochrome world, gray information cannot be expressed in only 2 bits.
However, it begs the question: what kind of world can be expressed with only black and white?
This is akin to the etching expression in printmaking.
The interest in 2-bit expression in photography is endless.
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